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16 things that girls love about guys.
Jul 25, 2011 | 0 comment(s)
16 things that girls love about guys.
1. Receiving flowers from their boyfriends once in a while.
2. Getting good morning/ good night messages from their boyfriends.
3. Girls love guys who proudly hold their hands in public and even getting occasional hugs from them.
4. Having romantic candlelit dinners prepared by the guys once in a while.
5. Telling them that they are the most beautiful girl in your eyes even without make-up on.
6. Allow them to be themselves.
7. Bring her out with your guy-friends.
8. Trust them, allow them to party all they want with their girlies without you. Unless their girlfriends are up to no good.
9. Remembering every single anniversary day.
10. Be understanding, especially when it’s the time of the month for girls.
11. Surprising them with gifts or little notes.
12. Going shopping with them.
13. Bringing them to new places every now and then so as to freshen up a relationship.
14. Having a movie marathon in either one’s place once in a while.
15. Whip up a sumptuous meal for them anytime any day.
16. Saying “I love you” and showing that you really mean it with actions.

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